Slender Got a 999 IQ and the game is More terrifying.

Thanks for playing Slender Reborn!

I keep implementing on it as it's possible due to my limited time.


The current patch 1.2 has now Normal Mode and Hard Mode with save system fixed.

Make sure to pick the right difficulty for you, since after collecting the

first page you will not be able to change unless start a new game!

In both modes Slender will get faster as you make progress,

collecting the pages, and the more close

he gets from you, he reduces 1 chance to survive.

Normal Mode has 5 and Hard mode has only 3

When your chances get to Zero , The next time Slender aproached to you...

You will not be able to move and you will die!

You die If you look directly to him for more than 2 seconds!

Also added more Slender random Spawns.

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Feb 16, 2022

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